Katherine & Patrick | Cozy winter engagement session in Paris

January 16, 2024

Katherine & Patrick | Cozy winter engagement session in Paris

This engagement session in Paris was so much fun! Patrick and Katherine are engaged, and were celebrating their engagement and love story in Paris, just after the Christmas holidays. They brought to their session some things I really love!

First, they had a great attitude and were prepared to have fun. Not every person loves having “photos taken”, but to be honest, this is a very ‘old school’ approach. Back in the Pleistocene era, people would gather around to be photographed, and it was a tedious and boring process. Particularly, if you didn’t like standing there being told to smile, or look at the camera, look this way. I mean, who would enjoy that?

Thankfully, we live in modern times, and I seek to capture the essence of people, meaning what they would be doing anyway in Paris. I try to infuse my sessions with a lot of movement, because I think standing static like a statue all the time is just not too enjoyable. Therefore, I encourage my couples to play. Movement is key–spin, dance, laugh, embrace, kiss. You get the idea. Now what if you’re someone who doesn’t want to do any of that? That’s totally up to you, of course we will and can do more static, posed images, and those are quite romantic and I incorporate those too. However, if you’re sort of looking for the classic look at the camera and smile type of couples session, I may not be the best fit for you.

In this case, I feel like Katherine and Patrick were sent to me from the Photography Gods. They were positive, upbeat, had a “let’s do it” attitude, and we so very kind and fun. First, we started at the world famous Trocadero overlook, with stunning views of the Eiffel Tower. On this day in December, we had a nice sunrise and some interesting clouds.

From here, we went on a pretty walk along the river, with the charming cobblestone paths, and finished up the Eiffel Tower portion of our program with a visit to the nearby Bir Hakeim bridge. This impressive double decker bridge sets a dramatic backdrop for the Eiffel Tower, and I love photographing couples here. It feels so cinematic!

We then hopped in a taxi to head over the the Louvre, which is the very best place in Paris to see some stunning architecture, in my humble opinion. The juxtaposition of the modern glass pyramids, with the intricate carvings on the palace itself are exquisite. After we covered many angles at the Louvre, we popped across the street to the former “Love Lock Bridge”, Pont des Arts, and finally, to a charming cafe to warm up with some coffee.

It was such a wonderful morning! I also loved how this couple dressed. Katherine selected a colorful winter coat, which is essential. Paris in winter can be drab and gray, and often rainy, so having a bit of color really helps bring the photos to life. Also, so cute, Katherine and Patrick added some Parisian flair for a few photos with colorful berets. Despite the fact no one in France really wears berets anymore, you simply cannot argue that they’re as cute as can be!

If you’re coming to Paris in winter, a Parisian couples or engagement session will be such a fantastic memory for you, and I’ll never forget this beautiful and friendly couple!





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