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Where are you based and do you speak English? Are you French or American?

I'm American. My native language is English and I speak French also. I'm a professional photographer serving wonderful clients from my homes in Paris and Provence, I also serve Nice, France and the French Riviera. I'm an American citizen and also a naturalized French citizen, so I have the "best of both worlds", as they say!

Do you photograph families?

Yes, I'm offering family photography exclusively in Provence & the French Rivieras.

Are you a wedding photographer?

Yes, I specialize in intimate weddings and elopements. 

We're not comfortable being photographed, can you help us with that?

Absolutely! I know that having professional portraits can be super intimidating! There are several things I do to help with this anxiety you can feel. First, I ensure you're well prepared for the session before it even starts, with helpful information that will put you at ease. Then, on the day we meet, I'll do everything I can to make you feel super comfortable, relaxed, and we'll have fun, too! I'm by nature a very friendly and chatty person, and I want to learn about you as well, and can't wait to share my best tips on France with you! You'll let me know if there's anything you feel super sensitive to, such as a side of your face you prefer to be photographed from. The time will absolutely fly by!

How do we get from place to place if we're going to multiple locations?

For many locations, we can just walk! For distances farther away, we'll hop in a taxi or Uber.

What do we do if it rains? 

Oh no, it might rain, and no one wants to be photographed in the rain, right? While most of us would prefer a sunny day, the reality is, in Paris, it rains all the time. If we didn't go out in the rain in Paris, we would never go out. It rains more in the autumn, winter and spring, naturally, but even in the summer we can have some rainy days. Rain absolutely will not ruin the photos and in fact, a cute clear umbrella allows us to not only see all the monuments we'll be photographing you with (hello, Eiffel Tower, I'm talking about you), but is super cute and romantic, and oh-so-Parisian! Another benefit of the rain, less people are out, and sometimes, you feel like have Paris all to yourself! 

It can also rain in Nice, less so in Provence, but I say, let's embrace the rain and have a blast, all you need is a cute umbrella and a great attitude! No, honestly, some of my very best and most memorable work (and my clients would agree), has been in the rain! 

What should I wear?

When you reserve with me, I'll be sending you a Welcome & Style Guide to give you some useful tips on what to wear, color schemes to consider and so forth. In general, its best to wear solid colors instead of patterns, to avoid overly bright colors, and too much black (it can make the images look too flat). It's essential in Paris to also have a cute coat in winter, plus a cute hat, beret, scarves, gloves and don't forget your umbrella! Make sure also to wear something you've tried on before, so you know it has a chance of fitting to your comfort (even if you eat a lot of croissants in France), and that you love the outfit and the way you look in it.

Do you edit the photos? If so, do you do body slimming, etc? Could I get them unedited (RAW)?

Yes, each and every image is hand edited in my signature style as represented on my web site and Instagram. I edit for color and light mostly, making small adjustments. I do not do any kind of body alteration edits such as body slimming, removal of hair, glasses and so forth. If there areas you want me to be aware of, please let me know when we start working together, and if by some reason you'd like more extensive retouching, I can put you in touch with an expert retoucher and you can work with them directly. As unedited (RAW format images) are not completed and indicative of my style, I do not supply clients unedited or RAW format images.

Do you provide hair and makeup services?

I'll be happy to recommend a hair/makeup artist to you. A professional makeup application is always a great idea, it makes the skin glow and look wonderful in photos!

How do I access the photos?

You'll be invited to view your gallery (usually within 7 days) via the email address you provided. Your gallery will have all of your beautiful photos for you to review and download those you love best. They are in digital (JPG) format and you have personal print rights.

It seems you mostly photograph in the morning? Why? We're not morning people?

I'm not a morning person either, so I completely understand! However, I learned very quickly that for most portraiture, mornings are ideal. Why?

* France is one of the most visited countries in the world. Tourists are everywhere, and while we all love tourists, we don't necessarily want a lot of other people you don't know in your images. I try to avoid them the best I can when I'm photographing, but it becomes very challenging later in the day, that's why mornings are ideal, particularly in Paris and Nice which get busy very early.

* The light is most flattering in the morning, it's soft and gentle on the skin. The later in the day, the light gets much harsher, creating deep shadows on faces and squinting is common, which is not ideal for beautiful portraits. 

* Heat. Not so much in Paris, but it gets hot in Nice and Provence, where I'm also providing services. Sweating through your clothes isn't too fun, so starting early ensures you don't overheat or get dehyrdrated. 

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