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Conor & Mary Kate | Surprise Proposal on Pont Alexandre III in Paris

May 29, 2023

Conor & Mary Kate | Surprise Proposal on Pont Alexandre III in Paris

This surprise proposal in Paris was so wonderful, it had me happy for days! As a Paris surprise proposal photographer, I have the honor to help my client plan a meaningful, personal, and unexpected marriage proposal. This is a day they’ve dreamed of forever, and Paris is the place they wish to ask their person to marry them. It comes with much trepidation and fear, what if I lose the ring? What if my partner finds out? What if something goes wrong?

The most important thing to note is, surprise proposals rarely, rarely go wrong. Especially when you’re with your partner in Paris, they’re just so glad you asked, and in Paris no less, which is the dream of many. I’m there to be with you ahead of time, to help you put those fears to rest, to recommend a location that’s perfectly Paris, with views of the city as your backdrop, and to capture this emotional moment in images that you really will look back on in your later years, after you’ve been married a long time and say, I’ll never forget that day I proposed in Paris and you said yes.

I was contacted by Conor, who at present is in grad school and works in finance. He’s happily in love with Mary Kate, and emergency department nurse. They met in the most modern way, online, and had a wonderful first meeting, where they really clicked. Conor knew right away he wanted to see Mary Kate again, and she felt the same.

Conor took her to a fancy dinner, which she loved. But by the third meeting, Mary Kate asked if they could just go to a sports bar and get some chicken wings, and Conor happily obliged. They fell in love, really in love, and love their life together in the capital of the United States, Washington, DC.

The surprise proposals I photograph are true surprises, because they all take place while you’re walking around Paris with the one you love, and suddenly, you stop. Usually, it’s to check out the view, or to take a photo. The next thing, you’re on one knee proposing. The other person is completely surprised, because it’s so spontaneous. They really don’t see it coming, which is why it’s such a surprise. My clients love it.

I met Conor and Mary Kate on the bridge of Alexandre III, known as the Pont Alexandre. Mary Kate, of course, had no idea who I was. Because the bridge is so beautiful, it’s a popular place for a surprise proposal and there’s a view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance. It’s great for those who would like to see the Eiffel Tower but don’t need to be super near to it.

Conor approached me and asked if I’d mind taking a photo of them, and handed me his cell phone. This happens all day long in Paris, tourists asking other tourists to take their photos. It’s quite common and doesn’t arouse any suspicion at all. The reason I recommend this “scenario” is that in a lot of cases, we’re in very busy areas, with people walking by constantly. If we don’t establish some kind of “zone”, people can walk through the moment, and we don’t want that. In this case, actually, two women DID indeed walk through Conor’s proposal, but he was on one knee long enough and they realized in time, and all was well in the end!

After I gave the phone back to Conor, Mary Kate thanked me, and I said, “sure”. Then I backed up, and Conor sprung into action. I could tell from Mary Kate’s expression, that she wasn’t quite sure what was going on. She just thought they were on their way to a walk somewhere, indeed they were crossing a bridge. Next thing she knows, Conor is saying these words to her, and one one knee, with a shiny diamond ring in a box.

Mary Kate was visibly shocked. It was a real surprise! To see her genuine emotion, first shock, then incredible happiness, she told Conor she loved him and after a few moments together, I introduced myself and then we did a lovely mini engagement session afterward. For those would would like a full engagement session, I also offer those the day after the proposal, but for the day of the proposal we always grab some cute shots afterward.

I learned so much about this sweet couple, as we walked along the banks of the Seine River. It was chilly, being the end of February, with no leaves on the trees, but we had a beautifully sunny day and the sun was casting its orange glow as it slipped behind the horizon.

I was thrilled to capture this surprise with views of the Eiffel Tower and again, with the bridge in the background. For these brief moments, I felt honored and blessed to be a part of this love story, and to capture it in these really pretty images.

Finally, it was time to say goodbye. Conor and Mary Kate were dining at Jules Verne, a lovely restaurant on the Eiffel Tower. I felt so good meeting them, and photographing them, I walked all the way home with a huge smile on my face.

My clients mean the world to me, and I take pride in knowing that I’ve provided them a special experience together, with someone who will not only photograph these beautiful and treasured moments, but someone who truly cares about them.

Congratulations, Conor and Mary Kate, wishing you a life filled with fun and happiness!

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