Amelia & Ethan | Paris After Dark

Amelia & Ethan | Paris After Dark

I’m a person who loves spring and summer, and when the colder and darker days of autumn arrive, well, that can be tough! But there’s actually magic in the darkness, and especially in Paris, I’ve learned to embrace it. In the spirit of a new autumn season in Paris, I wanted to try something new, a bit different from my norm. I’m someone who adores color, but I’ve always been an admirer of photographers who create beautiful imagery in black and white. The combination of black and white and the darkness of autumn is intriguing to me.

For this session, I had the great fortune and pleasure to once again work with Amelia and Ethan, a lovely couple I photographed in the lavender fields of Provence. This beautiful engaged couple are living in Paris temporarily on a work assignment, are fun, open minded and most of all, very in love. They have a special kind of magic between them which makes them a joy to be around, and so fun to photograph!

I met Amelia and Ethan at the Louvre museum, just after sunset. Even at that hour, there were lots of tourists still around, in the courtyard, and enjoying the amazing architecture of this old palace. I used the light from the lamp posts to light Amelia and Ethan, and played with the shadows, too. As they are a young and vibrant couple, I also had them do a lot of movement–running, twirling, spinning, and also captured the movement in camera.

From the Louvre, we went across the street to the fabulous Pont des Arts, once the “love lock” bridge, with beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower in the distance, and Pont Neuf on the other side. This pedestrian footbridge is so beautiful, and at night, even more so. It was getting a bit chilly and windy (make sure to bundle up in the autumn and winter in Paris, get yourself a nice warm and stylish coat).

Our last stop took us to a romantic walk along the River Seine on the cobblestones, almost to Pont Neuf, and then to my favorite square in Paris, the movie-set like Place Dauphine. In fact, it was a movie set once, for the film Midnight in Paris. I love the way the light and darkness play with the shadows in this square, it’s incredibly romantic!

That was a wrap! I so enjoyed photographing Amelia and Ethan in this new and unique way, putting a little cinematic twist on the traditional Paris photo shoot. Black and white is timeless and classy, don’t you think?





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