I adore capturing love stories in France! From the grandeur of the most romantic city on earth, Paris, to the colorful and lively seaside city of Nice, to the lavender fields and olive groves of charming Provence, France is filled with stunning beauty. To better understand my approach and my style, have a look at my work, by selecting a category below. Here, you'll get a better idea of how I can tell your love story, too!




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When a couple decides to get married, the next step in the process, the actual where and when, can produce incredible anxiety. A wedding comes with a lot of expectations, not only from the couple, but from family and friends, too. It’s such a momentous moment in a couple’s life, and an incredible celebration of […]

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Somewhere along the line, I think many of us got the idea that professional photography really is only necessary for a special, once-in-a-lifetime event, such as a wedding. While there’s no doubt professional photography is a must-have for most couples for their wedding day, capturing your special memories should not be limited to just one […]

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Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a very special thing. The magic doesn’t stop the day a couple gets married, each anniversary is a moment to be treasured. That’s why I was so thrilled to be contacted by a lovely couple who were to be visiting the south of France and were interested in a couples […]

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You need a special occasion to “have photos taken”, right? Like a wedding, an engagement, some kind of special event. This is the conventional thinking, but it’s absolutely not true, and what I aim to do is more than “take photos”, but to tell the story of you and your loved one through images in […]

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Nice, France is one of the most beautiful places on earth, so when I was contacted by a charming couple to photograph their anniversary, I was thrilled. Couples photoshoots, especially for celebrating special events like anniversaries, birthdays, honeymoons and engagements, are so fun, filled with love, joy and laughter, and I can’t get enough of […]

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Photographing romantic couples in Nice, France, is something I adore. So when this lovely lady contacted me about a Nice photoshoot for her and her husband, I jumped at the chance! It’s such a special place to capture the amazing memories of travel and love. First Contact When my client contacted me via my web […]

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As a professional photographer serving Nice, France, I’m convinced one of the best ways to celebrate life and love is with a touching and tender photo session to capture those precious memories. That’s why I was so thrilled when this beautiful couple got in touch to plan their special anniversary photoshoot in gorgeous Nice, France. […]

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Nice, France is a wonderful place for a honeymoon photoshoot, so when I was contacted by this beautiful couple to capture their honeymoon memories in Nice, I jumped at the chance! Photos in Nice last a lifetime and capture a beautiful moment in time. Amazing Photo Session in Nice Wow, what an amazing honeymoon photo […]

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Tairra & DJ | Dancing into the future in Nice, France When Tairra booked her Nice, France couples photo session with me, she and I discussed some of the things she and her partner, DJ enjoyed. She told me they were dancers, and enjoyed West Coast Dance. Tairra said she’d love to incorporate some dancing […]

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Wintertime in Nice, France, can be quiet, but still beautiful. I was thrilled to receive an inquiry from a lovely couple about a honeymoon couples photoshoot in Nice in February. What fun to capture amazing photos of couples visiting Nice, and for special occasions, too! The Magnificent Cote d’Azur Ah, the French Riviera, known in […]

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